Solar by Collegiate Builders

Collegiate Builders Inc., offers a complete solar electric install providing you with highly experienced Solar Technicians.

We specialize in working with you to offset your utility bills and design a solar package that will make economic sense, help you save money, and at the same time design it to perform at optimal use.

The sun won’t be going away any time soon, so why not take advantage of the energy it’s giving off everyday?

Today’s Solar PV systems are reliable, attractive and affordable. Collegiate Builders Inc. is responsive, experienced, and knowledgeable working to identify energy solutions that are environmentally sound and affordable.

Listen to what our customers have to say!

"I was recommended to Collegiate Builders by a family member. As NYSERDA Certified Contractors, I was eligible for the NYSERDA grant towards our Photovoltaic (PV) system. So I gave them a call...

From beginning to end, they were very responsive and very well informed. Collegiate Builders installed our new roof at the same time they installed our solar system. All permits and communication with the electric company was handled by their offices and the entire process was so easy on us.

  • $28,000 for 28 panels to offset 100% of our electricity consumption
  • -$10,500 NYSERDA grant given direclty to the contractor (this cap has since been increased to $25,000)
  • =$17,500 total up front cost before tax credits
  • $17,500 total up front cost before tax credits
  • -$8,400 Federal Nonrefundable Tax credit (30% of $28,000 cost)
  • -$5,000 State Nonrefundable Tax credit (25% of $28,000 cost capped at $5,000)
  • =$4,100 total with no electric bill for at least 20 years guaranteed! (we have had a credit with the electric company every month so far including the winter months.)

The Solar Panels look gorgeous on our brand new 50-year roof which is also beautiful. We were so happy with the quality of work and the customer service that we have hired Collegiate Builders to install our new siding, windows and gutters, as well as a new solar system on our summer home.

I always go out of my way to recommend Collegiate Builders to everyone I possibly can."

~ Gina from West Seneca, Completely Satisfied & Repeat Customer

A Few Of Our Solar Panel Installation Projects

7.6 kW installation in Machias, NY

5kW installation in Orchard Park, NY

7.5 kW installation in Darien, NY

4.5 kW installation in Eden, NY

6.3 installation in Buffalo, NY

kW installation in Hamburg, NY

14kW installation Headquarters of CB Solar, Lackawanna NY