We Love Our Community: Our community involvement

We live here in the greater Buffalo area as well, so we understand the importance of being involved in and supporting our community as well as treating each of our customers like our neighbors that we care for so dearly. Take a look and see what Collegiate Builders does when we are not busy at work.

Roof Giveaway:

2018 will be our third annual roof giveaway. For the past couple years Collegiate Builders has donated our time, labor and materials for family's that were in need of a new roof. This is Collegiate Builders way to show how important it is that no matter what your economical status is, having a good roof is vital for the health of your home and safety. We enjoy presenting this offer to our community as much as we enjoy meeting the winners of our roof giveaways!


All of our employees work as a team to volunteer our time to many local non-profit organizations such as:

Football Team!

Weekends for Collegiate Employees are for relaxing and football! Collegiate Builders has supported a local "backyard" football league for 5 years now. our staff bonds over wins and losses during the Spring and fall seasons of a 2 hand touch football league.

When we’re not busy at work you can find us out exploring the natural beauty of WNY and supporting other local businesses and restaurants.